Monday, May 23rd, 2016 @ 12:24PM

 The events of the last two weeks have confirmed yet again that this is a chosen generation. 

We have been chosen by the past and the future, we have been chosen by our common desire for a better Kenya and a society that is not defined by individuals but by progress and prosperity.

We have been chosen by the idea that we can do better.

We have been chosen to challenge tribalism and end petty politics. We have been chosen to do the hardwork of building a new Kenya.

A Kenya that will sustain us, our children and their children.

Yes, its vital that we have an electoral arbiter that enjoys the confidence of all but the important thing for Kenya is not who counts the votes but what they say.

Especially if they say CHANGE.

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Vincent Ogero
May 23, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Sure Kenya needs an Obama moment the change that we desire should be the Change that we deserve and Yes we can make It .Tunawesmake .The only problem as President Obama noted is that our Politics is some much ethnically based and not based on any ideas or ideology that can take this Country forward .It is and has always been them against us or the winner takes it all .I do not know of a way out of this quagmire .Unless the leaders and the politicians reform and stop preaching the politics of tribal animosity or exclusion that is such theories like the tyranny of numbers .The solution most likely would be to raise the threshold of the winning candidate to at least 51% of the total votes cast or have one or two strong National parties that is a strong and effective opposition .

Eric Ndeti
May 23, 2016 at 1:23 pm

First i attest that CHANGE begins with ones individual thirst to better himself or herself. Personally i have failed and made numerous mistakes.But along the way i have picked up from where i had fallen and focused to solider on by realigning through changing my attitude and objectives.It has never been easy.I have battled alcohol and substance of abuse.I have been reinstated in a rehabilitation center for a period of six month and relapsed once i got out.But one thing that i have never done is giving up.Transitional change has to start from YOU..As the saying goes.Charity begins at home.Many people have failed numerous times.But it took only one time to scale to greater height(s).This Country requires fresh leadership attuned to foster growth and progressive existence.We should change the way we live.The way we treat each other.What we eat and literally everything that weighs you down to raise and inspire someone in your cycle of associations. My quest is to raise up and totally banish the leadership that has shaped the outcome of material gain and worth.Yearn to be a better person by inculcating better ways to help someone else.In all you do, know that you have a positive voice to help someone see the worth in them.You have no power to judge.But rather the will to help someone see there intrinsic personal worth to better a unified nation and a better Kenya. GOD bless you always and i believe i can fly.

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